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♥ Monday, May 7, 2012

Hahahas, silly girl.. third time sending me long surprise messages. :3 Really is ben dan. Hahahs, But well, who cares. I love you, that is enough. The promise is so hard to make it come through.. is so impossible , when I am addicted to your lips. But to win their trust, no choice but to accept this. I know, we can make it through , that is for sure.

Love{ OR Hatred}
Signed Off @ 5:54 AM

♥ Monday, April 11, 2011

Yeah... Everybody have equal chance.
As long as they sees your inner beauty,
The chances will be more higher.
Is it? but, why aren't you giving me chance?
You mean. Everyone actually doesn't have equal chance?
You lied? sigh... I got you wrong again.. sigh....
Should not trust anyone from the start.


Love{ OR Hatred}
Signed Off @ 5:20 AM

Sigh... Dam useless siah me...
Don't even know how to cheer you up..
Only can just be your ears... sigh...
Why am i that useless... zzzz
Maybe that's why, you don't want me...
haha silly me :3


Love{ OR Hatred}
Signed Off @ 4:48 AM

♥ Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pew Pew, Supp all,
Monday is tomorrow. Dam D:
Study in school again.. Sigh... :x
Don't bother to say le.
Explain till mouth dry liao.
sigh.. believe it or not, is not my problem .
Your choice, you choose~


Love{ OR Hatred}
Signed Off @ 6:59 AM

♥ Saturday, April 9, 2011

Okie, Hmmmmm, Since, no one to chat ..
Lets update my blog daily then..
I promise. :x
Really , I don't think i will want to get in Relationship again..
Just, can't trust them anymore.. -.-''
Their words, are... Lies.. totally.. Lies...
I can't believe their words anymore..

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Love{ OR Hatred}
Signed Off @ 10:09 AM

♥ Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Later update again .. Hehe.. xDD
well.. SOME PEOPLE wants me to update , and show her that i doing some CPR on this blog..
Oh well
1! and 2 ! And 3! and4 ! and 5!
Hahaha.. just mad..
well i think these holiday isn't gonna end well..
everyday.. play computer tilll 6 am.. slept till 4pm.. and there goes the daily routine..
Lifeless momment..

Love{ OR Hatred}
Signed Off @ 8:22 AM

♥ Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Opppsy! Forgot about my blog again.. Kekeh.. Paiseh Paiseh ><
Today slept at 6am.. waiting for your message.. but well..
3.30pm woke up.. and look again.. none.. D:
Its okay..
And Yea .. That's all.. :D
Buh Bye..

Love you Baby!! 11.17

Love{ OR Hatred}
Signed Off @ 6:49 AM